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HTTPS://K1LL-CODE// (or KillCode) is a 2D 3-button fighting game that utilizes vaporwave aesthetics to bring you a thrilling combination of hype and chill. K1LL-C0DE was born out of a love for over-the-top, anime-styled fighting games and a deep appreciation for the vaporwave movement. I was brought part of the KillCode team during my junior Game Production II class where we spent 15 weeks creating video games that mirror the conditions of a professional studio environment.



Exporting the player's controls to text files allows for if a player's controller is disconnected, their remapped controls to stay for when they return the game.

The universal controller connector allows players to connect any type of controller, and through an external gamepad manager (Hinput) is remapped to the game's base controls.

Desktop 2022.01.25 -

A custom control screen with Ui buttons is used to clear the gamepad's binding when pressed and listens for the next input. This would then rewrite the text file, saving the player's button remapping.

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