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Capstone Reflection #3

Hello and welcome to another week of capstone! This is my third reflection for my capstone class where I spend a full semester developing a game prototype that my team then presents at the end of the semester greenlight event.

For this assignment, identify your core gameplay concepts, and reflect on how you plan to match concept with execution. What messages are you sending, deliberately or not, with your game ideas, and what are you doing to make sure your gameplay aligns with those messages? Messages in this case can be mechanics (you promise a tight shooter), aesthetic (you promise a rich fantasy environment), or more abstract (you are promising macho wish fulfillment).

So for our core gameplay concepts we have

1) Lighting (our game is in monochromatic vision and light brings the world into color)

2) Massive Monster AI (a large and scary monster that exudes intelligence)

3) NPC Dialogue

4) Non-Euclidean environments (environments that connect but don't make sense)

Our mechanics sell the idea of a narrative based game focused on a unique lighting system and non-Euclidean level design that is used primarily to draw player interest. For lighting we have a system that is overarching and a constant so that the other systems of the game will operate within the lighting. This means we are promising a system that the player can learn and master over the course of the game. Our monster is promising the fear of our horror game while our dialogue is promising a space for our narrative to be heard. We aim to heavily incorporate sound design into our monster to alert the player to it terrifying presence and give it a complex Ai system to make it feel intelligent to the player. The NPC system we have is basic mechanically but it's useful for be extremely modular and easy to replicate over multiple characters. Finally our non-Euclidean environment, it is promising a location that can appear small but hold lots of internal spaces for monster to player interaction.

Thank you for reading my post and hope to see you in the next one!

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