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Development Blog #3

Welcome to this week's development blog where I'll be discussing post-greenlight and adapting to a new work environment with my new team.

Reflecting on the Greenlight presentations and game selections, how do you feel? Did your concept team’s game go forward or were different projects chosen by the studio?

So... spoiler alert we didn't make it but I was okay with it the presentation as a whole felt good and the class-wide event was good but during our presentation, the chat felt a little... wild and that was upsetting but not much we can do about it now. On the bight side of this event, one of the teams that went forward, Killcode, is made up of a good chunk of close friends and previous people I've had good working experiences with and it was a game I'm super interested in working in so I am very excited to start production.

Now that you are several weeks beyond Greenlight, what have you learned from the experience and how might you use this knowledge in the future?

As for what I learned from greenlight, It was a lot of focus on the presentation and not a lot of focus on the actual game demo which, as a programmer, was a bit of an annoyance cause most of the presentation wasn't in-game. So I would focus more on showing off the best aspects of my game instead of fixing and clearing the small issues.

How well is your current team working together with its additional members? How well is the project advancing and how are you able to contribute to the group and its goals?

The team is moving I feel very lost and have been spending most of this week playing catch-up with the rest of the team. Lost of meetings with the lead programmer and trying to figure out how I can bring my style and focus my expertise into the project. As for advancements this week was our week to clean up and refactor the codebase to get it ready for more weeks of implementation so I lead the charge on changing our character and move the implementation pipeline into a scriptable object base which allows for the easier transition of designer ideas into actual in-game results. I've also started research on a universal controller system for our game because we want to have controller and fight pad support without having to rely on Unity's built-in system. It's a nice change of pace because with our last team I felt like the lead creative force and it was taxing in its own ways but taking a step back and focusing more on my specialty is way more rewarding.

See you next week!

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