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Development Blog #4

Hello everyone and welcome this week development blog! This one comes a bit late because motivation for work has been a bit low and I'm trying to break out of the loop of not wanting to do work I've been feeling recently. But the blog must go on! We just rapped up our alpha presentation her at the game studio which means we are officially in Alpha and on our way to beta. Look back at a particularly challenging week and describe the circumstances that led up to it.

Looking back the most challenging week I had due to work was about two weeks went I implemented a custom controls binding system that interacted with controller and Keyboard. Leading into that week the game only supported basic controller input (which I also added) but the lack of flexibility for us to test with left us wanted this system added asap.

Thinking about the outcome, what went well?

For what well, it worked! We got a hastily but implemented rebinding system in for Alpha and now's the time we work on it and improve it for beta. Also thanks to our added Hinput asset which made edit and adding gamepad button and controls so much easier.

What could have been better? How did you or could you have personally affected the outcome in a positive way?

It required a lot of thinking to think of the structure we wanted that allowed for clean binding of controls that felt smooth to both players and of course the code binding of controls. If I remember correctly the script was over 1400 lines of code, so yea, very daunting to work on. If I could have done a better organized function maybe I could have reduced the amount hard lines and impractical infrastructures I added.

What would you do differently if you could?

Overall the system is good but not great I've been thinking of ways to improve it and one of my goals this week is convert it to data driven to make it easier on load and less demanding of our gamemanager system. Also making a setting screen that scrolls allowing for both players to bind every control that they want at the same time instead of making the screen depend on the player that clicked controls. Well thank you for reading this weeks blog I know this is short but I don't have much to write about because we've been doing surprisingly well and I've been surprising myself every week with the amount of work me and my teammates get done. Music that inspires me this week: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum OST This is my childhood in a soundtrack and I have been doing most of my work to this nostalgic playlist that is making me want to fly home to grab my DS and play again.

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